Thursday, 29 January 2015

Christmas mail from Slovenia

The very last thing I received before heading to the airport in Helsinki was this Christmas package from my dear pen pal Nika from Slovenia. No need to mention that I was over to moon to receive this; so wonderful (and good-scented!) little things!

Thank you so much, Nika!

... So this is it about Christmas for now, haha. According to my boyfriend´s words, there are a couple of things waiting for me when I return home, so I´m afraid I can´t say that we´re absolutely done with the theme - sorry!

Did you receive a lot of Christmas mail last year / this January?


  1. I am glad you liked it. How was the chocolate?

    1. :) I liked it, but I don't know about the coin as Pyry ate it. x) The tea was great! I hope I still have some left when I return home...!