Monday, 8 February 2016

Incoming cards, week 5/16

More wonderful, incoming cards - these arrived last week.

Lisää hienoja, saapuneita kortteja - nämä tulivat viime viikolla.

official card from the USA
photo by Cindy Sherman

official card from China
copyrights: OOPKA.COM & Nanking QuJi Culture Media Co, Ltd

tag from Japan

swap from Malaysia

tag from Germany

tag from Spain
photo by Szuan Barce

swap from the USA
copyrights: Smith-Southwestern

swap from Malaysia

swap from Malaysia
copyrights: Nintendo


  1. I have also received the first card, but form the UK.

    1. :) Not 100% relevate to this, but I always feel a bit surprised when I receive Finnish cards from very far, far away!