Monday, 9 January 2017

Lots of SPAIN

These two arrived about 10 minutes ago - a perfect timing I'd say, as I've been longing for Spain lately. Thank you so much for the great surprise card and stamps, Eva!

Nämä kolahtivat luukkuun kymmenisen minuuttia sitten - täydellinen ajoitus, sillä Espanjan-kaipuuni on ollut viime aikoina pinnalla. Suuret kiitokset ihanasta yllätyskortista ja upeista merkeistä, Eva!

RAS from Spain
photos by A. Campañá

private from Spain
copyrights: Editorial Fisa Escudo de Oro, S.A.


  1. I'm glad you like it. Happily I didn't send one from Valencia too (which is closer to my village. But I spent one day in Barcelona this time).

    I love that, in the second postcard, Felipe is depicted as a boy (on that no longer valid stamp) and as a man, later.

    1. I would have loved another Valencia card, too, for sure, but one from Barcelona brought happy holiday memories to my mind. Gracias por eso. :)

      And you share precisely my thoughts about the stamps! So neat how stamps reflect the history of a country (or even the world sometimes).