Sunday, 12 March 2017

123 000 hits - lottery time!


Wow - I just noticed that this blog has received more than 123 000 page hits during these years. What a number! I guess it is time to celebrate a bit, so I am opening a lottery starting right now!

Vau - huomasin hetki sitten, että tämä blogi on ladattu jo yli 123 000 kertaa historiansa aikana. Melkoinen lukema! Sen kunniaksi pistän pystyyn pienen arvonnan, joka alkaa nyt!

To participate, please leave a comment on this blog with your e-mail address. The comment can be about anything (decent), but it would please me a lot to hear your thoughts about the future of the content of this blog - what would you like to read here in the upcoming weeks, months and even years?

Voit osallistua jättämällä tähän postaukseen kommentin, jossa on mukana meiliosoitteesi. Kommentti voi sisältää mitä vain (kunhan se on hyvien tapojen mukainen), mutta mieltäni lämmittäisivät erityisesti ajatuksenne ja vinkkinne siitä, mitä ja millaisia juttuja haluaisitte tulevaisuudessa lukea tästä blogista.

What about the prize? Well, here it comes:
Entäpä palkinto? No, se tulee tässä:


I will close the lottery on Friday, March 24, 2017 (around 10am Finnish time). The winner will be contacted personally for address details, and he/she will receive this special Moomin card made of birch plywood - written and stamped, of course. :)

Suljen arvonnan perjantaina 24. maaliskuuta 2017 (n. klo 10 Suomen aikaa). Voittajaan otetaan henkilökohtaisesti yhteyttä osoitetietoja varten, ja hän saa tämän koivuvanerista valmistetun erikoismuumikortin - kirjoitettuna ja postimerkin kera, luonnollisesti. :)

Good luck to everyone!
Onnea arvontaan!


  1. Hey Laura,

    Well your blog is always really beautiful, and the thing i would be so happy to find here may be things about Finland, Moomins or such kind of ideas. It's a really so cute card !

  2. Nice blog. I'd like to hear about display/storage types for postcards. I'd also like to hear about different designs. We all know about GF cards and lately the flags series is becoming popular. What else is new and cool?

  3. Interesting blog:) I'd like to know more about finnish postcards, artists and their illustrations, about Moomin( new stamps, postcards), unusual postcards(design+ materials).Your personal discovers and imoression in the world of pistcards&stamps;)

  4. Congratulations! I mostly like your blog, so Iam happy toread that you plan to go on during the following years :D
    I would like to read about Finnish stamps, for instance.

  5. Hi Laura! I always like to read about postcards and letters which you've received. I'd like to read more about places where you buy such a wonderful cards and stationery :)
    Have a great day!

  6. Thank you so much for your great comments! The lottery is now closed. Will announce the winner tomorrow, March 25. Stay tuned. :-)