Saturday, 10 February 2018

There and back again

More oldies but goldies... Maybe it's a high time to read the book and watch the movies again?

Lisää vanhoja klassikoita... Ehkä olisi jo korkea aika lukea kirja ja katsoa elokuvat uudelleen?

official card from Czech Republic
copyrights: Natasha Tereshkina / Наташа Терешкина


  1. Last year we reread the Hobbit with our doughter, I hadn't realized it is so good when I had read it 20+ years ago, I really like how Tolkien writes.
    Also, I have recently begun rereading the English edition of the Lotr (an eco friendly gift from a cousin who decided he was not interested in owning the book any more, after all 😊) - I love rereading good books.

    1. Oh, I should definitely do the same... And yet there are so many "new" good books to discover! The difficulties of life. :-)