Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Greetings from Japan, part I

So, like I told yesterday, my sister went to Japan for a holiday and she returned last weekend. I had asked her whether she could bring me some "postcards and letter papers" - and did she bring some indeed! Huh, I was thrilled to see all the cute (or should I say "kawaiii!") things she had found. Looks like Japan (or at least Tokyo) is a snail mailer's paradise...

I decided to share these cuties in several posts, so let's start with random postcards, stickers and tapes:

Aww, I love every single one of these! These remind me of not having seen "The Frozen" yet, maybe I should try to watch that. So many people, kids and adults, have told me it's great.
I also love the Moomin card a lot (surprise, surprise).

Those Rilakkuma stickers glow in the dark! And those little teeth... Have you even seen anything as cute as that?

Moomin and My Melody -tapes!

Do you have a favorite among these cuties?


  1. Great things ! I love Olaf from Frozen :D
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