Sunday, 9 March 2014

Letter from Finland and souvenirs

Here is the letter that had arrived while we were gone; Aino sent a long, nice letter with some "forest fruit" tea - it smells so good! And as it "spent" 3-4 days with a bunch of postcards in the mailbox, all the cards now also smell the same! Lovely (no sarcasm, but really!). It took me a while to figure out what the scent was...

letter from Aino, Finland

And here are pretty much all souvenirs I bought during the trip - besides these I brought some tiny chocolate bars to my friends and then bought two souvenir magnets (it's kind of a tradition already) and a new Schleich-figure. Maybe it is not a surprise that these are all postcards, he?! I of course bought more of these, but couldn't take photos as I sent them to their new owners back in Budapest/Vienna already.

souvenirs from Budapest & Austria

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