Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lovely snail mail for Tuesday

Hi there!

Today was another great mail day; I received three cards from my favorites and an envelope filled with the cutest cards. It's always a pleasure to swap with Cynthia. She hasn't received my envelope yet, so I'll share my part of the swap later.

On the top of all that, there was a letter from Shalina in the mailbox, too. She had included a cute bookmark for my birthday.

Somehow this week doesn't seem that tough anymore. Thank you, everyone!

two tag cards (the USA, Taiwan) and a swap from Finland

swap from Cynthia from China

letter from Shalina, Malaysia


  1. Ah, this is just lovely! I've received a letter from Thailand yesterday - with a bunch of nice printed photos and a drawing :) It was a first letter by the girl who wrote to me, so it was pretty special!

    1. Thanks! What you received sounds also great. :) Thank you for sharing!