Friday, 13 June 2014

Getting new cards and stationery


I have been playing a little postcard monster again and have purchased quite a lot new cards during the last two weeks. So let's get started with that...

Brand-new Moomin cards; I love those stamp-alike shapes these cards have, not to mention the illustrations themselves.

You see, I have this thing called coffee addiction, which has lead to the point that I pretty much buy every single stationery that has coffee on it. And what comes to the Moomin card: I looove the picture so much! "Onnea" means "congrats" in Finnish.

I consider this as a jackpot; I found these in a flea market and they have been illustrated by the Canadian Camilla d'Errico. I must admit that I would not have known anything about her, but Lily wrote about her artwork in her blog some time ago, and her name somehow got stuck in my head. She is not the first artist I've learnt to know via Postcrossing... and surely she won't be the last one! Anyway, I think these are very nice (and yes, maybe a bit odd in a way, too) cards. If you are interested in swapping any of these with me, just leave me your e-mail or contact me directly at laura.animismi at !

I also bought some reprints; I do love the artwork and style of this kind a lot! Too pity that these cards tend to be quite expensive...

These are all Aquarupella cards in the previous two photos. My boyfriend and I were visiting a mall in another town and there was that little bookshop and they had these cards on sale, so I couldn't resist to purchase some.

And then, last but not the least; I placed another order at PostcardGarden. Most of the stuff was postcards (surprisingly!), but I also purchased some envelopes, stickers and tapes. The three envelopes on the left corner were thrown in and will surely be used pretty soon. Once again the delivery was amazingly fast - I got my order in less than 48 hours!

A closer look at the (super cute) tapes.

Was there anything you'd like to have in your collection as well?
Where do you usually shop your snail mail supplies?