Friday, 13 June 2014

Sending out cards again

This year has really been all about official cards... It is easier to take your time and sit down with all addresses ready-to-go than wait for RR groups to get full and/or wait for someone to send his/her address for a tag in the forum.

Well, I actually placed an order for quite many stamps earlier today, so I am hoping to get to participate more in tags and RRs in the near future. In the meanwhile I want to share some official cards (plus one swap and a letter) that I have sent lately.

What's your favorite of these?

official card to Ukraine

swap to Germany

official card to Germany

official card to Finland

swap-bot card to the USA

official card to Japan

official card to the Netherlands

official card to the USA, Romania, Belarus and Belgium

official card to Belarus

official card to Ukraine

letter to Thomas, Hong Kong

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