Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My very first Gotochi card

This was waiting for me in the mailbox on Tuesday: my pen pal Thomas is currently on a trip in Japan and he sent me a card from there. And not just "a card", but a Gotochi one! I was thrilled to see this!

I know there is / has been a lot of discussion about these cards and sending them in the Postcrossing forum, and even though I like most of these a lot, I haven't added these to my wishlists etc. (even though I have some of these in my "wanted cards" list at Flickr). So you can imagine how delighted I was to found this in the mailbox!

This card represents a maiko girl from Kyoto. 

Thank you so much for this, Thomas! Have a safe trip!


  1. Oh :) I love gotochi card! It is beautifull!

  2. Noi on kyllä niin ihania<3 Sain kerran yllätyksenä yheltä japanilaiselta Gotochin kun vaihdoin sille useamman Muumin - laitoin heti kiitoskorttia ja PIIIIIIIIITKÄN kiitos viestin mukaan :) Ja sitten ihan korttikaveri on laittanut 2 mini Gotochia, joita saa kuulemma kun ostaa vähintään 5 Gotochi korttia :D Mutta noi on kyllä aivan ihania<3 Oma suosikki niistä mitä oon nähny on varmaan just toi Maiko :3

    1. :) Mini-Gotochit kuulostaa kyllä aika ihanilta! Saa nähdä, meneekö toiset 3 vuotta, että saan seuraavan tällaisen... ;D