Monday, 28 July 2014

Lovely stamps from Japan and Germany

Hello everyone!

How has your Monday been so far?
It's still so hot here, but we spent the day by taking care of all kinds of things, like cleaning the flat and cooking some delicious food, yay. I'll need to go to the work again tomorrow,but luckily I'll be doing morning shifts all week long.

I have received some great postcards already today and also on Friday. There are also some great "souvenirs" that my sister brought me from her trip to Japan... But let's start the week with two great cards with especially great stamps!

The first card is from my sister - I love pretty much all Japanese stamps, and Hello Kitty ones are no exception to that. The second card came from my postcard pal Konrad, and he kindly included a brand-new football world championship stamp. Thank you, you both!

private / Japan
Tokyo Skytree

private / Germany

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