Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Postcards at the destination

Official postcards are a kind of a lottery; at times you are over the moon because of a card, sometimes you may feel a bit disappointed with what you have received. Do you agree with this?

I must say that there was nothing implying any disappointment last week when these pieces of mail reached our mailbox - I love every single one of these to the bits! I really can not pick a favorite - can you?

official card from Finland
photo by Pauliina Heikkilä

official card from Germany
artwork by Silke Leffler

official card from the Netherlands
artwork by Dick Bruna

official card from Germany
photo by Tapio Linderhaus

official card from China
"Silang visiting his mother"

official card from Czech Republic

official card from Czech Republic
artwork by Zdenek Miler

RR card from Germany