Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Happy October!

October already... huh. That'a all I can say, really.

Let's start it with some official postcards that I sent out a bit over a week ago. Can you spot any card you'd like to receive (or already have received) to yourself, too?

official card to Germany
artwork by Mila Marquis

official card to Poland
photo by Bruno Bourel: "Ösatya / Le patriarche / The Elder / Der Patriarch", Budapest 1994

official card to Japan

official card to Austria

official card to the USA
artwork by Kerstin Frykstrand

official card to Poland
artwork by Kaarina Toivanen

official card to Taiwan

official card to Finland

official card to France
photo by Maurizio Milanezio

official card to Belarus
photos by Markku Wiik, Rodeo Oy, Plugi Oy and Esko Pärssinen


  1. The wine card you sent to France... I received it from a French postcrosser! :)

    1. Really?! :D When I was choosing the card to send, it came to my mind that maybe sending a wine card to France wouldn't be that original... But it fit the receiver's preferences and she luckily liked it. Funny coincidence, though!

    2. Sometimes I feel the same about not being original. But then... Well, there are a lot of "Spanish" postcards I'm not able to find in Spain, the same in Morocco.
      And finally, the message is what makes every postcard unique. Even when I receive a postcard twice, I still think everyone is completely different.
      By the way: the rest of postcards are also very nice!

    3. I share the exactly same thoughts. :)
      Thank you!