Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas mail, part I


As you maybe remember, I posted a photo of all my sent Christmas mail a couple of weeks ago.

Since I have now received some messages and other notifications implying that some items of this pile of mail have already arrived (and been opened, too!), I think it's time to start to share them here as well - little by little, of course!

So let's start with the tiny surprises and letters that I sent to Poland, Finland and Uzbekistan:

Christmas + birthday gift and letter to Agnieszka, Poland

The little bag with an elf was filled with candies - and looks like I forgot to place the letter to the photo (oops)...

letter to Heli, Finland

Christmas card + letter to Katja, Finland

letter and Christmas surprise to Eugenia, Uzbekistan


  1. Hei! Löysin vasta blogisi, tämä on aivan ihana! :) Muumitee näyttää herkulta, mmmmm...!

    1. Hei Anu! Kiva, kun eksyit tänne, ja kiitos mukavasta kommentista! :) Teetä en olekaan vielä ehtinyt itse maistaa (ups), mutta ainakin nimien perusteella mahtavat olla hyviä!