Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Incoming postcard mail

Here's some neat mail from this week... which would be your favorite?

Tässä vähän maistiaisia tämän viikon postiherkuista... mikä on oma suosikkisi?

swap from Germany
artwork: Papersisters

swap from France

official card from Germany

swap from the Netherlands
photo by Anna Popova

official card from the Netherlands

official card from the USA
artwork by unknown, Envelopes, 1936

official card from the UK
artwork by Patrick Oxenham


  1. It would be too difficult to pick a favourite. But no doubt I wouldn't mind to receive the landscape with kites.
    Which library is that on the third postcard?

    1. The sender did not mention it and the card does not say (!), but I did a google image search and I think it is this one in Austria: