Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Mail from Scandinavia + Åland

Yay! Found these cards in our mailbox yesterday and today. It is rather uncommon to receive mail from these parts of Europe, so I consider these three cards as a jackpot!

Jee! Nämä kortit saapuivat eilen ja tänään. Näistä Euroopan kolkista tulee harvemmin postia, joten pidän tätä kolmikkoa suoranaisena jättipottina.

official card from Sweden
copyrights: Nuova Arti Grafiche Ricordi S.r.l., Cinisello Balsamo - MI

official card from Åland Islands
artwork by Lis-Beth Småroos

official card from Norway
photo by N.K. / T.B.P.

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