Monday, 5 May 2014

Lots of letters April 2014 swap

I participated in a "Lots of letters swap April 2014" a bit more than a month ago. So far I have received four letters out of five myself, and three of these I sent have been reported as "received". Hopefully the other two have not gotten lost! I hate when it happens...

It was a great fun to write these and try to figure out what kind of papers to use, what to include besides the letter and so on... But I then realized that not everyone was thinking alike and also that I maybe had "too much" effort on this as I received rather short letters back (everyone received from different people than they sent to). Well, there is no one to blame as the swap instructions advised to write a 2-pages-long (A5) letter to the partner and that's it, but still. I can not help that I felt a tiny bit disappointed.

The best part of the swap was (or is) that the girl from the Bahamas wrote that she'd be writing back to me - if all this was needed to begin new friendship, then it was all worth it!

Have you had similar experiences with either swap-bot or other swaps you have participated in?

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Lots of letters swap-bot swap to the USA

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